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WestKnits’ Geogradient MKAL Kits


It’s the knitalong everyone is talking about, West Knits’ 2023 MKAL! And we’ve put together some of our favourite colours to get you inspired to take part in this fun adventure. Choose your favourite combo in our super soft 4ply Merino and we’ll put it all together for you.

Each year, designer Stephen West releases a shawl pattern that is a complete mystery – and keen knitters get to discover the design together as a new section is released each week in October. The pattern this year is called Geogradient, a geometric explosion of colour using a gradient of four colours. A crescendo of color with colour A as the lightest colour and colour D as the darkest colour.
Colour A – lightest colour
Colour B – a little bit darker than A
Colour C – a little bit darker than B and lighter than D
Colour D – darkest color

We’ve put together some gorgeous combos that will create stunning shawls, just choose your favourite! All kits in this listing are on our classic 4ply Merino base, deliciously soft with a matte finish, it’s our softest yarn and beautiful against the skin. Each skein is 100g with approx 400 metres, 100% Sustainable Extrafine (19.5 micron) Australian Merino, hand wash.

Please note: these kits do not include the pattern, which can be purchased from West Knits here