Olfa Ergonomic 45mm Rotary Cutter


  • Squeeze handle exposes blade and self-retracts for safety
  • Dual-action safety lock allows the blade to be locked while in use or closed
  • Ergonomically curved handle with anti-slip rubber grip reduces hand fatigue and stress
  • Integrated grooves help prevent finger slippage
  • Hang-hole for storage
  • Pre-loaded with RB-45 Tungsten Steel Rotary Blade


Where Comfort Meets Safety

The OLFA 45mm Ergonomic Rotary Cutter combines comfort, convenience, strength, and safety.

The curved handle of this cutter eliminates hand fatigue and stress from repetitive cutting. The anti-slip rubber grip keeps the cutter securely and comfortably in your hand. Most important, the easy squeeze-trigger automatically retracts the blade for safety. Integrated grooves help prevent finger slippage during cuts. Additionally, the quick-change blade feature makes blade replacement simple and fast.

Pre-loaded with OLFA RB45-1 Rotary Blade. The high-quality tungsten carbide tool steel blade offers unparalleled sharpness and superior edge retention. Cut up to six layers of thin material in one pass. Use the Ergonomic Rotary Cutter on cotton, wool, paper, vinyl, leather, and more.

For both left-or right-handed use.

How To Cut:

To begin cutting, squeeze the handle to extend the blade. Apply gentle and even pressure to roll the blade forward, away from the body. Release the squeeze and the blade self-retracts for safety. The safety lock (red button) secures the blade in place. It can be locked open for extended use or locked closed for safety.

Use a ruler as a guide for straight cuts. Always keep equal pressure on both the cutter and the ruler from beginning to end of each cut. With fingers in a comfortable position, apply gentle downward pressure to the ruler. Continue to move fingers up the ruler with the cut. To ensure accuracy and safety, only cut the distance of one hand-length at a time and reposition as needed.