Misprint Packs by Maze & Vale


A great way to sample the designs and colours of Maze & Vale handprinted fabric!

These packs contain 100g of slightly misprinted designs on a mix of basecloths. The misprints range from a smudged print to a dollop of ink that’s not meant to be there – lots of character and lots of authentic hand printed goodness.

The base cloths are all sustainable fibres of organic cotton, linen, hemp or organic linen, premium quality, excellent for quilting, patchwork and small projects. After sewing, wash in cold and hang dry or tumble dryer on low, iron on either side.

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Maze & Vale is a series of hand printed designs by Fibresmith director, and former graphic designer, Leslie Keating. Focusing on simple, graphic shapes, custom mixed colours and natural and organic basecloths, the Maze & Vale patchwork panels are created to be timeless and work beautifully together.