Lykke Cypra 5″ Copper Interchangeable Knitting Needle Tips


Gorgeous, strong and light, 100% copper needles from Lykke.

Each pack contains two needle tips.

Designed to connect to the Lykke Cypra Interchangeable 5″ Cords, you can find them here.

3.25mm US 3
3.5mm US 4
3.75mm US 5
4mm US 6
4.5mm US 7
5mm US 8
5.5mm US 9
6mm US 10
6.5mm US 10.5
7mm US 10.75
8mm US 11
9mm US 13
10mm US 15
12mm US 17


The most recent addition to the growing family of LYKKE Crafts are CYPRA COPPER Interchangeable knitting needles. CYPRA COPPER NEEDLES are made from 100% copper and will acquire a lovely soft patina with continued use or if preferred, the copper needles will remain bright and shiny by using the specially-developed Copper Polishing Cloths (coming soon). This add-on accessory product is a two-part system containing an inner cloth that is treated with a trade-secret formula to remove tarnish and to restore luster without scratching or removing the finish. The 100% cotton outer cloth provides a gleaming shiny finish. 

Named after the Norwegian word for happiness, LYKKE Crafts combine high quality materials and thoughtful design to produce beautiful, durable, happy-making knitting needles.

All LYKKE needles have both US and metric sizes etched on the needles to ensure long-term readability.

Additional information

Needle Width

3.25mm US 3, 3.5mm US 4, 3.75mm US 5, 4mm US 6, 4.5mm US 7, 5mm US 8, 5.5mm US 9, 6mm US 10, 6.5mm US 10.5, 7mm US 10.75, 8mm US 11, 9mm US 13, 10mm US 15, 12mm US 17