Handicraft Clothing & Accessories Japanese Sewing Book


Full size pattern sheets with over 30 multi-size (S, M, L) clothing and fabric accessory patterns included.

Japanese sewing books are drafted for a Japanese frame, however most are purposely designed with oversized ease. We find they fit up to a 16-18 Aus and are usually quite simple shapes that can be adapted to suit easily.

Please note: This book is entirely in Japanese. There are numerous, excellent diagrams to follow along with for sewing each project and we recommend using Google Translate (a free app for iOS or Android) to clarify the Japanese instructions when needed.

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Over 30 multi-size (S, M, L) clothing and fabric accessory patterns, including:

1. Long Sleeve Shirt
2. Gathered Fabric Neck Piece
3. Long Sleeve Dress
4. Fabric Collar
5. Scarf
6. Long Sleeve V-Neck Shirt
7-10. Fabric Brooches
11. Long Sleeve Frilled Front Shirt
12. Loose Fit Pants
13. Long Sleeve Drop Waist Dress
14. Fabric Bead Necklace
15. Long Sleeve Dress
16. Long Sleeve V-Neck Dress
17. Tote Bag
18. Long Sleeve Wrap Dress
19. Drop Waist Singlet Dress
20. Long Sleeve Front Tie Shirt
21. Gathered Skirt
22. Long Sleeve Shirt Dress
23. Long Sleeve Pleated Front Dress
24-25. Two Sizes of Bucket Totes Bags
26. Long Sleeve Wrap Shirt
27-29. Fabric Flower Brooches
31. Brimmed Hat
32. Long Sleeve Boat Neck Top
33. Embroidered Gathered Skirt
34. Overall Dress
35. Sleeveless Pleated Front Dress
36-37. Headbands