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Dropcloth Panels by Maze & Vale


The hemp/organic cotton that covers the Maze & Vale screen printing table picks up little bits of prints and colour, mixing them in an amazing way that could never be replicated if tried. Each little chunk forms a bit of art in itself and makes each bag completely unique. A rare treat, we are selling a the last 5 metre dropcloth by the fabric panel to celebrate the gorgeous needlecase tutorial, made with a piece of a previous dropcloth, by Felicia Semple in the latest Making magazine, Volume 5.

Each panel (unit) measures 30cm x 40cm or roughly 12″ x 15.75″. We will endeavour to cut orders of multiple units as a continuous piece but with a limited amount of fabric to work with, this may not be possible for every order so please be prepared for your dropcloth to arrive as separate panels (but we will do our best, I promise).

These 55% hemp/ 45% organic cotton canvas pieces are mid-weight, sturdy enough for light upholstery such as cushion covers but soft enough to use in patchwork/quilting projects.

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The piece you are sent will be a surprise treat as each contains a different mix of Maze & Vale prints and ink colours, rest assured that all have been trimmed to be highly useable and lovely.