Dropcloth Panels by Maze & Vale


::New batch of Dropcloth Panels available at noon AEDT on Friday, February 2nd!::

The Maze & Vale dropcloth is the organic cotton canvas that covers our smaller screen printing table, the one Leslie uses exclusively for mixing inks and printing scraps and Mini Bundle pieces at the end of a print run. The dropcloth picks up the little leftover bits of print and colour, mixing them in an amazing way that could never be replicated if tried. Each little chunk forms a bit of art in itself and is completely unique.

A rare treat, we are offering half of our latest dropcloth as fabric panels, each measuring 36cm x 47cm or roughly 14″ x 18.5″. If you order multiple panels, we will do our very best to cut them as one piece.

Photos are of the actual dropcloth that the panels will be cut from, the piece you are sent will be a surprise treat as each contains a different mix of Maze & Vale prints and ink colours – rest assured that all have been trimmed to be highly useable and lovely.

Size: 36cm x 47cm / 14″ x 18.5″
Base Fabric: 100% GOT certifed organic cotton canvas
Weight: 295 gsm / 9 oz.

Printed using solvent free, non toxic, environmentally friendly inks in custom mixed colours. Wash in cold on the gentle cycle and hang dry or tumble dryer on low, iron on either side.

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Maze & Vale is a series of hand printed designs by Fibresmith director, and former graphic designer, Leslie Keating. Focusing on simple, graphic shapes, custom mixed colours and natural and organic basecloths, the Maze & Vale patchwork panels are created to be timeless and work beautifully together.