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BONUS: Maze & Vale Freeform Patchwork Starter Sheet


Freeform Patchwork is a form of improvisational piecing that allows the fabric itself to shine and takes the endless guess work out of arranging scraps in a cohesive design. It is a perfect way to use up scraps from other projects or for those extra special bits of fabric that you long to use but can’t quite settle on which pattern will work best. Best of all, this form of piecing is very different from most patchwork patterns in that there are essentially no rules except one (and even that one can be bent to your liking!).


• Fabric scraps
• Rotary cutter and cutting matt (optional but recommended)
• Scissors
• Sewing machine with cotton thread
• Iron and ironing board

This pattern is offered as a downloadable PDF only, please download your copy after Checkout : )