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Black Masamune Hand Forged Tailor’s Shears 240mm


Black Masamune Tailor’s Shears are made from Blue Paper Grade of Hitachi Yasugi Steel, one of the highest quality Japanese steels available. Created by metal work masters in the city of Ono in Hyogo, Japan, renowned for it’s 1,200 year history of expert blacksmithery, these hand forged tools are made to last a life time. The steel may be less corrosion resistant than stainless steel, however, it gives far better grip on materials and can be maintained by sharpening when needed.  To retain sharpness and when storing, these blades can be cared for using a lightweight oil such as camellia oil or sewing machine oil.

Comfortable to hold and lighweight

Beautifully boxed for gift giving

Blade length: 10cm
Overall length: 25.5cm
Colour: Matte black