Fibresmith is a new boutique space dedicated to quality, natural cloth yarn and fibre craft supplies in Melbourne’s Inner West, founded by Maze & Vale designer, Leslie Keating.  Fibresmith lived in my head for over three years, a little dream of a beautiful shop filled with gorgeous, natural fibre yarn and cloth in modern, graphic prints. Trained as a graphic designer with a life long love of craft, I was naturally drawn to simple, graphic patterns and colour combinations, especially muted, impure or ‘different’ shades. In 2011, I began playing around with block printing on fabric, first with simple shapes and then moving into carving my own stamps and eventually discovered and fell in love with screen printing as a way to cover larger areas of cloth. I enjoyed designing and printing cloth so much that I began selling it, creating a small business called Maze & Vale. Maze & Vale was the most excellent and flexible outlet for my creativity with two small children and over the years, gave me great insight into customers’ wants and needs for modern and interesting textiles. I loved meeting fellow sewers at events like the Craft & Quilt Show and The AQC and getting feedback on my quilts made with Maze & Vale organic cottons and hemp and linen blends. It was at the AQC this year that I firmly made the decision to open Fibresmith, noticing that there wasn’t a company yet that solely focused on modern fabric and wanting to pair makers with fabrics that would mix well with their Maze & Vale pieces. I also wanted to focus on fabrics that can be used for both of my sewing loves – quilting and dressmaking – and indulge my long time love of wool and knitting.”